• Mi nombre es Ángeles o Angelita, 

    mi familia y amigos suelen llamarme Angelita. 

    Tengo 63 años recién cumplidos, soy madre de tres hijos 

    y abuela de tres nietos. 

    Tengo muchos aficiones como, la buena lectura, escuchar buena música, 

     el campo, la gráfica, 

    y los animales en especial los perros, me gustan todos sean grandes o pequeños. 

     Ahora al ir en silla de ruedas solo puedo tenerlos pequeños. 

    En casa tengo, un gatito, un conejo y un Yorkshire Terrier, así que no tengo tiempo 

    para aburrirme. 


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    Vendredi 2 Avril à 08:31

    Hello Angelita I'm Sejmet from liveinternet.ru. My names reals is Rossy

    I was reading your story and you have moved me.

    You are a very strong woman, don't believe it. You have a temperance that few people have.

    I'm glad you took the bull by the horns and decided to live one day at a time. Be happy with what you have. Those are the tests of being on this planet.

    I hug you in the distance. I am from Venezuela

    Dimanche 25 Octobre 2020 à 11:26
    My dear sweet Angelita
    What a strong and brave woman you are, very strong!
    You wrote this so beautifully.
    I read this with great interest and my eyes filled with tears.
    In life you can get very hard, too
    I girl, haven't been spared, but we're still here.
    Fortunately, you (like me) also had a lot of support from your dear husband and children.
    Keep up the good work dear Angelita.
    I wish you a very happy life together
    with your husband, children and grandchildren.
    Lots of love to you, straight from my heart
    Monique xxx

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